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    高级装饰耐火板采用进口高级原生木浆纸,引进了国外的先进技术。由装饰纸、牛皮纸浸三聚氰胺及酚醛树脂胶,烘干、排叠,放置压力机下,在华氏 300度(约摄氏150度)的高温下,加以每平方英寸1430磅的压力,持续均衡施压一个小时后再经修边、砂磨、品质检测等步骤制作而成。
    The advanced decorative refractory board adopts imported high-quality native wood pulp paper and introduces advanced technology from abroad. Made from decorative paper and kraft paper soaked in melamine and phenolic resin adhesive, dried, stacked, and placed under a press. At a high temperature of 300 degrees Fahrenheit (approximately 150 degrees Celsius), a pressure of 1430 pounds per square inch is applied continuously and evenly for one hour, followed by trimming, sanding, and quality testing.
    3、 Features of Fumeijia fireproof board:
    It is a professional research and development and production of high-pressure decorative refractory boards with a history of over 20 years, with excellent equipment and strong technical strength. Provide a complete series of surface decoration products, including Fumeijia fireproof board, multiplayer special board and physical and chemical board.
    Fumeijia fireproof board is a surface decorative material with rich colors and various surface textures. Advanced decorative refractory board has:
    1)绿色环保 2)价格合理 3)防水和烟灼性 4)耐磨耐刮  5)易于清洁 6)抗菌的特性。
    1) Green and environmentally friendly 2) Reasonable price 3) Waterproof and smoke burning 4) Wear and scratch resistance 5) Easy to clean 6) Antibacterial properties.
    Characteristics of Fumeijia fireproof board:
    Flame retardancy: The surface is impregnated with melamine resin paper, which has fire resistance, high temperature resistance, and high flame retardancy.
    Waterproof: overcomes the shortcomings of traditional boards such as being prone to water absorption, mold formation, expansion and deformation, and is waterproof, mold resistant, and moisture resistant;
    【 Flatness 】 The warping index is far lower than the national standard, smooth and neat, with bright lines;
    【 Durability 】 The production process control of the product is scientific and rigorous, with a sturdy structure that is not easily deformed;
    【 Aesthetics 】 Surface treatment is carried out using thousands of color papers, including four series: plain, decor, wood grain, and metal grain;
    Cleanliness: The surface is pollution resistant, odorless, non penetrating, and easy to clean, making it a revolution in the field of decorative materials;
    【 Safety 】 Hard texture, impact resistance, and high wear resistance;
    【 Easy to process 】 Adopting professional production tools, processing is easy, convenient, and fast.
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